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Trash Compactor Repair Service

Cleaning your place is an obligatory habit, and trash compactors make the job easier! If it gets faulty on the siding hand, then our trash compactor repair services will be obliged to put it back to track! Our services cover every type of fault that this appliance can show on an economical budget! A couple of classes are used in a vast field, and we deal with each with excellent efficiency.

Different Types of Trash Compactor Repair

Some of the main types of trash compactors are discussed down below:

  • Commercial Trash Compactor
  • Home Trash Compactor
  • Outdoor Hopper Compactors
  • Vertical Outdoor Trash Compactor
  • Hydraulic Trash Compactor
  • Portable Trash Compactor

Commercial Trash Compactor

Commercial trash compactors are used for crushing products and waste on a large scale. If you need commercial trash compactor repair for your appliance, then rest assured you have landed in the right place! Typically, the laborites and factories compact and dump the waste materials; it saves their time and energy efficiency.

Home Trash Compactor

Home trash compactors are classified for residential use, and they are not capable of compacting heavy materials like potent alloys, etc. We provide home trash compactor repair to put your house cleaning routine back to normal if there is any appliance fault. Typical trash compactor repair companies cost high for the quick service, but not us! We do the job immediately at economical rates!

Outdoor Hopper Compactors

Outdoor hopper trash compactors are used best for dumping wastes in a significant amount! A hauling truck empties it by dumping the material into its compartment; they are used primarily for residential community use. If your area’s trash compactor is faulty and you have the authority to repair it, then why not our super economical services?

Vertical Outdoor Trash Compactor

Vertical outdoor trash compactors are commonly used where the approach of dumping haulers is not straightforward! They are mostly used next to the facilities and as chute-fed (through the wall) too. We provide trash compactors repair service for this type also!

Hydraulic Trash Compactor

Hydraulic trash compactors are commonly used for pressure compacting of robust materials that cannot be dumped by ordinary trash compactors! If you have the same type, then call us for effective repairing services.

Portable Trash Compactor

Portable or free standing trash compactors widely used within healthcare centers, schools, colleges, parks, and other public places where there is typical eatable litter! If you are facility authority and you need appliance repair services, then rest, you have landed in the right place!

Common Trash Compactor Problems

There are specific common problems that commercial kitchen trash compactors usually face! Knowing them would help to acknowledge the troubleshoot; you might even repair it yourself! Or if not, then our best trash compactor repair facilities are with you.

Common trash compactor problems are described below:

  • Trash Compactor Keeps Running
  • Won’t Complete the Cycle
  • Drawer Stay Closed
  • Trash Compactor doesn’t Turn On
  • Trash Compactor is Noisy

Trash Compactor Keeps Running

In the most reported cases, the sears trash compactor shows this problem of continuous cycling! In the end, it is stopped by plugging out! This might need the replacement or repair of the continuity switch. Checking the schematic of the wiring will also help to eradicate the problem right away!

Won’t Complete the Cycle

Most of the time, the continuity switch/directional switch is the main culprit behind the faulty residential trash compactors. On the other hand, the drive motor would be facing obstacles that stop it from working!

Drawer Stay Closed

If the trash compactor is working, but the drawer stays closed even after the cycle, then it might because of the mobbed pivots or electrical disorder! Our smash maintenance deals with the trouble right away!

Trash Compactor doesn’t Turn On

If the trach compactor is not turning or starting on, then most of the time, it is because of a couple of reasons:

• No Power Supply:

The power connections sometimes face a short circuit; sparks can lead to this trouble!

• Fuse Blown:

Check whether the power is connected; sometimes, the blown fuse to the specific sockets leads to no power situation.

• Check the Drawer Completely Closed:

If the drawer is not closed correctly, this might lead to a “trash compactor is not working” situation!

Trash Compactor is Noisy

If the trash compactor is producing scrunching or gearing sound, then old age can be a cause. If your current compactor is too old, then this might be the time for a new trash compactor installation for your place! If not, then call our trash compactor repair service; we will make it smooth right away!

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