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Enhance Indoor Air Quality

There is no other thing important than health! We need to breathe clean air. Otherwise, the health would decline anyway. In this matter, indoor air quality matters the most! According to a survey by EPA (Environment Protection Department), Americans spend 90% life indoors. Thus, the air inside the environment is the most crucial subject.

Cleaner the air, the better it will be healthiness. Now, a question arises, how to enhance Indoor air quality? Don’t worry! We cover that too. Our professional indoor air quality improvement teams are the best for the job. They have helped healthcare centers and residential & commercial sites enhance the air quality at an optimum stature.

Is Indoor Air Quality Testing Important?

The air inside your house must be clean; otherwise, it will impact your health. Air quality testers are essential for measuring the stature of the healthiness of air. The test will indicate the indoor air pollution elements that need to remove or filtered away. IAQ tests also help to eliminate the materials/appliances that are consuming essential air! There are certain particulates present in the indoor environment that may cause health issues; typical of them are:

  •  VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Particulates (dust and pollen)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Radon
    These substances have many sources (indoor plants, broken vents, etc.) but detecting the right one is a professional’s work. Consult us, and our team will improve the indoor air quality for you!

Health Issues because of Bad Indoor Air Quality

Specific health issues may show because of bad indoor air quality! Consider you have shifted to a new house and you feel suffocated because of bad air quality. To improve indoor air quality, you need the best indoor air quality monitoring team. Protech Repair Service provides precisely what you need! The common health issues that are caused by bad air:

1. Headaches
2. Fatigue
3. Sore eyes
4. Burning nose
5. Worsening allergies
6. Respiratory issues
7. Flu-like symptoms
8. Heart disease
9. Cancer
10. Other severe, long-term conditions
11. Death, when carbon monoxide or other pollutants are present in high concentration

Health is the most important thing one has in their life! We care about you, that is why our air quality inspection and improvement costs are superbly economical so that anyone could afford them. Call on (916) 743-7802 or arrange an appointment online right now!

How We Improve Indoor Air Quality

For us, the improvement of air quality in homes is our sole priority! Initially, we perform specific methods/techniques for IAQ monitoring with indoor air quality tester equipment. Indoor air quality meters help us take a sneak peek of elements/particulate (indoor pollutants) present in the air.

The below method indicates that we perform professionally!


• Air Filter Replacement

• Air Duct Cleaning

• Humidity Control

• Mechanical Ventilation

• Electronic Air Cleaner Installation


UVC & UVV lights are helpful as a germicidal to kill micro air beings in the environment. This will sanitize the whole place moreover installing in-home air filtration systems will help clean the air even more!

 Air Filter Replacement

The air filter plays a crucial role in cleaning the air while importing it to the house. The replacement of the clogged or dirty filters is essential. Otherwise, that will only ensure bad air!

 Air Duct Cleaning

The air duct is the main place where the air enters and leaves the room. The filthy and dirty air duct will only induce a harmful impact on health, we put duct cleaning with home air cleaners!

 Humidity Control

Humidity is a factor in the air that is nor to be too low neither to be too high! Our VOC air quality specialists know how to customize an adjusted level of humidity in the environment.

• Dehumidifiers

If the air is too moistened, then with dehumidifiers’ help, the indoor air quality can be balanced on an optimal level!

• Humidifiers

Sometimes, the air is too dry, but our humidifiers will stabilize the humid level optimum for human health (30-55%).

 Mechanical Ventilation

Suppose there is not enough ventilation in the rooms for specific reasons (closed structured building, too much cold, dusty outside). In that case, mechanical ventilation with a home air filtration system is essential to improve indoor air quality!

 Electronic Air Cleaner Installation

Our methods are not limited to typical handy blowers, but we provide far more than that! We install indoor air purifiers (electronic air cleaners) for your place!

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