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For neat & clean clothes, you need an optimal working dryer, and for an optimal working dryer, you need the best dryer repair service! Dryers provide the most convenience by cleaning your clothes right away! Is your dryer is not drying the clothes like it was when you first bought it? Not maintaining is another thing, but it may have started to show faults that need washer dryer repair right away!

Our star dryer amenities include:
• Gas dryer repair
• Commercial dryer repair
Electric dryer repair service
• Dryer repair kit

Why is the Dryer Not Drying My Clothes?

A dryer is an essential part of everyday living, and if it shows any faults, then our clothes dryer repair services are here for you! If your dryer is not working correctly, then there might be some signs that may lead to more significant trouble, so if you notice them, it is better to consult electric dryer maintenance right away! Some of the common mistakes are:

• Overloading the Dryer

The dryers always come with a limited load label. Dryer repair services deal with the problems exerted because of overloading! Sometimes, to wrap up the work earlier, people overload the dryer with an extra bundle of clothes. This can damage the efficiency of the dryer in a long-term manner!

• Dryer Lint Trap

Lint trap net catches the threads and fabrics left by clothes. If there is no lint trap, then the lines can block the air & water vents. If you don’t want to burden dryer repair cost on your pocket, make sure the lint trap is emptied regularly. Otherwise, a full lint trap will not collect threads, thus blocking the hoses!

• Dryer Door Switch

Door switches are installed for safety & efficiency. When the door does not correctly push the door switch of an electric dryer in case of a closed state, then the dryer won’t work. Wash and dryer repair services will help to replace the faulty door or lid switch.

• Too Wet Clothes

It may sound absurd, but too wet clothes can cause dryer problems! Although you have put them in there for the same reason squeezing out some of the water will help the dryer work more efficiently! It is because too much water can block the air vents and lower the effect of thermal drying.

Common Dryer Issues that you Need Dryer Repair Service

Some of the major issues can trouble the dryer working. If you were already googling “home appliance near me“, “dryer repair parts near me” or “dryer repair service near me”, then rest assured you have landed in the right place. ProTech Repair Service is a professional firm that provides solutions to all your minor to complex dryer issues!

• Drive Belt Issue

The drive belt is the main element that rotates the basket via motor rotation! If the basket is not turning, not even a teensy bit, or it is but very slowly/powerlessly, then this might be because of a broken or loose drive belt, respectively! Our washer and dryer repair services will replace the drive belt and make your dryer work again efficiently!

• Heating Element

The heating element in the dryer helps the water evaporation from the clothes, thus making them dry! If it is powered via gas-burning, then the culprit would be a low supply of gas. If it is electrically operated, it would be because of an electrical fault in the coil or the power connection!

• Dryer Blower Issue

The dryer blower blows air that plays a crucial role in drying the clothes. If the blower is not working correctly or not working at all, it can be because of the faulty motor, not properly fitted propellers, etc. If this is the problem, we can fix it right away!

• Thermal Fuse Blown

The thermal fuse is responsible for the conductance of the thermal feature in the dryer. If your dryer is not heating the clothes, then the thermal fuse would have blown because of overload or too much usage at one time. Our dryer repair services put your device on optimal working!

• Faulty Control Panel

The Control panel has the main switches that control the working efficiency of the dryer! It contains a circuit, and somehow if the water gets inside, it can show faults due to water impact. We repair dryer control panels and removes all the troubles right away!

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