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Best AC Installation Service

Air conditioners are a must for summery days. Ever considered yourself sweating in the night because your cooling systems have given up? The AC installation service is the best way to deal with this situation! If you have built up a new house and need economic air conditioning systems or were you googling “AC installation service near me” then rest assured you have landed in the right place.

ProTech Repair Service works in a quite assistive way! Suppose you have decided to install home air conditioning system, our experts will select the most suitable model/type/size for you. Likewise, we take the responsibility of air conditioning installation! You have to go green for the service and our technicians will be there to serve you!

Mini Split AC Installation Service

Are you looking for mini split AC installation services in the area! Are you tired of hefty, tough to maintain, and expensive centralized cooling systems? Then, you are in the right section! Mini-split ACs are easy to install/remove, in-expensive, and light. If you are interested in installing the same type, then most welcome, contact our support line and we will suggest you the most suitable model according to your situation and budget.
There are products (mini split air conditioners) of the same category available in almost every reasonable price range. The addition and removal of features, like the costlier models have self-cleaning features and the cheaper ones don’t.

DIY installation of Mini Split AC

Here is a fun fact, that you can perform mini split AC installation service on your own too. But with a few technical skills, basic knowledge, and good craftsmanship! Installing the split AC will be pleasing, if you are into stuff, it will help you save some extra bucks! You can initially purchase an economical model of mini split AC from ProTech Repair Services, then follow the given procedure.

In the box, you’ll find
  • Condenser wall brackets
  • Ductless mini-split system
  • Plastic condenser pad
  • Plastic line set cover kit
Tools Required
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Drill/driver
  • Hole saw
  • Level

1. Choose your favorite location for ductless mini split installation AC that must be suitable for both condenser and ac unit.
2. Install the wall bracket for ac unit.
3. Fit the ductless ac unit on the wall bracket.
4. On the outside, install the wall bracket for the condenser unit, (if reachable easily) call some professional help it is pretty elevated and dangerous.
5. Fit in the condenser unit.
6. Connect the refrigerant and drainage hose (see the manual).
7. Connect the power supply, and check the voltage!
8. Enjoy chills with your new ductless mini-split AC!
ProTech Repair Service works in a quite assistive way! Suppose, you have decided to install an air conditioning system in your house, our experts will take from selecting the most suitable model/type/size for you and likewise, we take the responsibility of ac installation service! You just have to go green for the service and our technicians will be there to serve you!

Central Air Installation

Central air conditioning systems are much costlier than mini-split AC systems, but they are more efficient and effective than them. Central air conditioning installation costs are also a bit higher than that of simple ductless air conditioning systems. Likewise, they take a bit more time for installation. But if you consult ProTech Repair Services professionals for air conditioning installation, the services would be fast, economical, and reliable. Our technicians know every pro and con of this field; thus, they will ease you with trustworthy facilities. If you were googling ac contractors near me“, “ac installation service” or “HVAC Services installation,” then rest assured you are in the right place.

AC Unit Installation Cost

AC unit installation cost depends on many factors. Although, ProTech Repair Services is dedicated in providing the best ac installation services at an economical cost list. The factors are given below:
• Place of Installation: The installation site plays a key factor in increasing and decreasing the ac installation costs. The lower and easy to reach the site is much economical than a higher and peculiar installation site. Our ac installation services are widely professional and deal with any site you want to install the AC unit.
• Size: The size of the AC unit also affects the price. For instance, a 1-ton AC unit’s cost is much lesser than that of a 2-ton AC unit.
• Type: The type of AC unit likewise deviates the cost, for example; ductless air conditioner installation cost is less it is a much easier process than that of centralized ac unit.

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